Workshops 2022

We have so much to look forward to for the 2022 edition of the Three Rivers Festival! If you’ve never been to Thornhaven, we are confident you will love what you find here. And if you’ve ever been to Thornhaven, welcome back!

We’re pulling the program of workshops and presentations together as we speak, but as a sneak peak, here’s what you can expect to discover:

  • Bardic competition
  • Nightly revelry around the bonfire
  • Daily morning Coffee Piety! Long live Caffeina!
  • Main Ritual will invoke the mighty Hecate
  • The Arch Druid, Rev. Jon “Drum” Pagano will be in attendance!
  • Witness the handfasting of Greg and Cath, complete with a live musical performance by Kinnexa Cross
  • Workshops and Presentations include:
    • Discovering the flora of Thornhaven
    • Metals and magic with Helmut’s Forge
    • Make runed leather pieces and leather pouches
    • Runes with Rick Lutes
    • Bake bread in a traditional bread oven
    • Exploring how to decolonize your druidry
    • Exploring how to recognize your own privileges
    • Deepen your spiritual devotion

Registration will open this week! Stay tuned!