Pre-Registration Extended!

Today was supposed to be the deadline for pre-registration for Three Rivers, but we’ve decided to extend the deadline until the end of this week. That means you have three extra days to pre-register for our first ADF Druidic festival since the start of the pandemic!

You can pre-register for the festival right here.

So why are Pagan Festivals so important? I explore this idea in this video, but basically you can think of a Pagan festival as a way to immerse yourself in your spirituality for days instead of hours. Our workshops and events give you the chance for new experiences, new insight, and new ways to connect your spirit to the world around and beyond you.

At Three Rivers, our workshops include exploring the flora of Thornhaven, learning how to deepen your devotion, how to read runes, how to custom-make your own leather runes and bag, and how to bake bread in a traditional outdoor bread oven!

We’ll also be enjoying nightly bonfires, there will be a Bardic on Saturday night, and the main ritual will involve an experience with the wise Goddess Hecate.

So join us for the Three Rivers ADF Festival on June 9th-12th, 2022! After two years of pandemic isolation, the need to reconnect is more important than ever.