This year, Three Rivers will feature all our traditional competitions for eager and willing participants to test their various skills in, and for our festival attendees to enjoy. We will be hosting the Bardic Competition, and the Artisans Competition and Showcase!


Artisan Competition

Artists and makers of all skill levels are invited to bring a piece of their work to enter into our artisan competition. The entry rules and details are as follows:

  1. One item per person can be submitted for contest in the competition.
  2. Items must be hand made/hand crafted by the individual submitting them to the competition.
  3. There is no topic or theme, but items with a spiritual/religious topic or purpose are encouraged.
  4. Voting will be “people’s choice” by anonymous ballot.
  5. Certificates will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place with a trophy for 1st.
  6. The deadline for entry is Friday at 6:00pm. The competition begins at this time.
  7. Crafternoon creations can be entered.
  8. Provide a card or page with the title of the work, the medium, and a brief description.
  9. Do not identify yours to other festival attendees.

Artisan Showcase

If you do not wish to participate in the competition, or have additional pieces of work you would like to display, you can show these in the accompanying showcase. 

Bardic Competition

The Bardic Competition has become a tradition at Three Rivers Festival, and we are pleased to present it once again this year. The competition will take place on Saturday evening at the fire, with winners of the competition being announced afterwards along with those for the Artisans Competition.

Bardic Competition Rules

  1. Each participant may perform multiple pieces, but only the first performance from each participant will be judged as a part of the competition.
  2. Performances should be in the form of a song, story, or poem, or other similar format.
  3. Each performance should not exceed 5 minutes. Participants may be asked to complete their performance at the 5 minute mark at the discretion of the judges and organizers.
  4. Attendees should express their intent to participate by the start of dinner on Saturday (6:00pm). Last minute entries may be permitted, but only at the discretion of the judges and organizers.
  5. The criteria for judging will be determined by the judges.
  6. Have a fantastic festival!

Placing and Prizes

Each competition will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, with first place winners receiving a trophy.


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