2016 Program

The schedule is subject to change. During the festival any schedule changes will be posted on the white board at the Rookery.

Read detailed descriptions of the workshops here.


7:00  Welcome Fire, Opening Blessing, Meet & Greet


8:00 Coffee & Piety
10:00 Bright and Shining Ogham – Judith O’Grady
11:30 The Slavic Pantheon and Its Mythology – Julie Desrosiers
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Setting up a Dawn and Dusk Based Devotional Practice – Rev. Jean Pagano
3:30 Crafternoon! – Sarah Clements / ADF Study Hall
6:00 Artisans Showcase / Brewers Competition
  Potluck Feast at the Rookery
10:00 Slavic Ritual with Julie Desrosiers


8:00 Coffee & Piety
10:00 In Search of the Indo-European Sky Father – Rev. Carrion Mann
11:30 The Thunderer: Thor as a God of Storms – Sarah Clements
12:30 Lunch
2:00 Baldr the Shining One: Hero of Tragic Flame – Auz Lawrence
3:30 Earth Care: Why Recycling isn’t Enough – Chelly Couvrette
6:00 ADF Priest Ordination and Unity Rite
8:00 Bardic Competition


8:00 Coffee & Piety
10:00 Canada East Regional Meeting
12:00 Closing Blessing

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