Three Rivers is not a large festival, but we welcome our local artisans and community members who wish to share their creations and wares with us. All that we ask is that the following rules are followed and the necessary information is provided by way of the vendor registration form in order to ensure a good time is had by all. An additional fee (to be announced) applies to all vendors.

There is no designated vendor area, but we ask that vendors check with Three Rivers organizers prior to setting up their wares in a location other than their campsite. Vendors are responsible for minding their wares. We ask that vendors keep their vending space to the standard 10’x10′ (3 m x 3 m) or under. Please contact us at 3riversfestival [at] for further questions.

Vendor Rules

  1. In order to vend at Three Rivers, vendors are required to have valid insurance. It is the responsibility of all vendors to ensure they have valid insurance, and the name of the insurer and a valid policy number must be provided in the vendor section of the festival registration form in order to vend at Three Rivers. Without this information, vending will not be permitted.
  2. Vendors are responsible for ensuring any trade licences and regulations are adhered to. It is their responsibility to ensure any insurance or consent forms are provided to patrons as necessary.
  3. Any vendors wishing to sell edibles (food or beverages) must contact MA (Raven’s Knoll Steward) prior to the start of the festival as additional permits are required. Please do not leave this to the last minute. Vendors wishing to sell edibles who have not organized this with MA in advance will not be permitted to vend.
  4. In order to vend at Three Rivers all federal, provincial, and local laws must be adhered to, in addition to those rules laid out by Raven’s Knoll.
  5. The collection and remittance of applicable taxes (HST) is the responsibility of vendors.

Raven’s Knoll Rules
Raven’s Knoll Contact:Ā ravensknoll [at]


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