2016 Workshops

Bright and Shining Ogham

As well as an alphabet, I use Ogham as a divinatory tool. Some of the ogham have ‘good’ messages, and others reference brightness as a part of the multiple meanings. An overview of several shining Ogham using both the tree/shrub reference as well as the animal/bird/insect association.

Judith O’Grady is a many-years member of the Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) and have completed their Dedicant’s program. The Goddess to Whom I am dedicated pushed me to join in public ritual with the Druids after thirty-odd years of worshipping alone and gradually this led to my being the Senior Druid of the Lake of Oaks Grove, ADF.  With much less hesitancy I started blogging and spewing opinions in general discussion and essay. This gradually expanded into the exciting experience of being published.

The Slavic Pantheon and its Mythology

Before our Friday night ritual, join us for this workshop to familiarize yourselves with the Slavic pantheon. The workshop will include historical and mythological information, as well as a short guided meditation to introduce you specifically to the deities of the occasion, the Zorya.

Julie Desrosiers is the Senior Druid of Thornhaven Grove.

Setting up a Dawn and Dusk Based Devotional Practice

To begin with, setting up a devotional practice will be discussed: what to do, what to expect, what kind of things to say and do. Following this set up, different devotionals will be offered based upon various hearth cultures. Finally, some hands-on devotional writing will be shared by the presenter and by the attendees.

Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano is a Senior Priest and Vice Arch Druid of Ar nDraiocht Fein, a Druid Fellowship. He has been a member of ADF since its inception, and is active in both leadership and as a reviewer and student of the various Guild Study programs in ADF. He is an ADF Initiate, a Druid of the 3rd Order in RDNA, a Druid Grade member of OBOD and a 2nd Degree Companion in AODA. Drum is a frequent contributor to Oak Leaves magazine (ADF) and the Druid Enquirer (RDNA). He attends many festivals, both here and abroad, and offers workshops throughout the year. He teaches an Introductory Ogham course and is the author of “Arise from Vapours”, from Author House Press. Drum is a member of the Board of Directors of ADF and of Cherry Hill Seminary. He also has a WordPress blog entitled “A Druid’s Progress”, and a blog for Witches and Pagans entitled “A Different Drummer”. You may follow him on Twitter under “Drum ADF”.


Unleash your creativity! Join Sarah to relax and do some arts and crafts and perhaps try your hand at something new! A variety of arts and crafts will be available to do and try during crafternoon, including (but not limited to): Adult colouring pages, spinning on drop spindles, weaving, and beading (more to come). Do you have an art or craft of your own? Bring it along to work on! All are welcome; no skill necessary!

Sarah Clements is a Heathen and an artist with experience in many media – fine arts, digital arts, printmaking, pottery, jewelry casting, film, photography, and fiber arts (her current focus). She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Celtic Studies, and has formal training in multiple art forms from both Ryerson and OCAD. She currently resides in Ottawa where she works as a Technical Analyst. Sarah has been an ADF member since 2007.

ADF Study Hall

Bring your pens and your questions to ADF Study Hall, a chance for you to tackle the Dedicant Path or other ADF study programs in a supportive environment, with DP Reviewers, Mentors, and other Study Program Preceptors available to answer your questions. Some resources will be available.

In Search of the Indo-European Sky Father

Most modern Neopagans are familiar and comfortable with the concept of an Earth Mother and we strive to connect with the powers of the Earth and seek to draw upon its life-giving magic in our work, but what about the powers of the Sky.  As ADF Druids we are not unfamiliar with the illuminating magic and creative spark of the Sky for we attune to it frequently.  As modern polytheists, we worship deities of the Sky, those of the storms, of the sun and moon, yet we infrequently, if ever, call to a Sky Father.  Why has this being, which held such prominence among our Indo-European ancestors, been so intentionally overshadowed within I-E derived Neopagan spiritual paths, such as ADF, join me as we explore this question and discuss how we might reclaim this being.

Rev. Carrion Mann is an ADF Senior Priest and the Senior Druid and Chief Liturgist of Whispering Lake Grove.   She has been a member of ADF since 2001 and has served the folk of ADF in a variety of capacities over the years; however, currently serves as ADF Vice Arch Druid, ADF Preceptor, Clergy Council Officer and is the Chief of the ADF Order of the Dead, as well as being an active reviewer for numerous study programs and a mentor. Additionally, she is one of the coordinators of Summerland Festival in Yellow Springs Ohio. 

The Thunderer: Thor as a God of Storms

Like most of the gods, Thor’s roles are many. We think of him most often as a warrior and a god of the folk. He also has associations with weather and storms. In this workshop we will look past those roles we are most familiar with and explore Thor as the Thunderer.

See Sarah’s bio above, under “Crafternoon!”

Baldr the Shining One: Hero of Tragic Flame

Baldr is one of the gods of the Nordic pantheon. His name is associated with the Old English honorific for “lord of …,” an Old Norse epithet for a hero, and the Baltic for “the white, the good.” He is mostly known for the Icelandic myth of his death, which may be influenced by echoes of the story of the White Christ. Lesser known is the legendary Baldr of the Danish euhemerized histories. The story of this tragic heroic figure is replete with symbolic images of sacred flame; Thor the lightning bringer, Lit the sparking dwarf, Hyrokkin the charred stump of a giantess. Hear a telling of the Myth of Baldr, and join in the free-form presentation of some of the heroic themes and sacred fire motifs embodied in the mythology.

Austin “Auz” Lawrence is one of the Stewards of Raven’s Knoll. He calls Ottawa his home. Auz has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and is a Heathen who is an oathed goði responsible for the sacred sites of Raven’s Knoll. He finds joy in the Pagan life of story-telling, intellectualizing, cooking and brewing, martial arts, his family and community, and delving ever deeper into the mysteries of the gods, myths and spirits.

Earth Care: Why Recycling Isn’t Enough

The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her. Many of us say this but how exactly do we do that? How do we take care of our Earth Mother in the best possible way. In this workshop we will look at conspicuous consumerism what it is and how it influences our everyday lives. We will also talk about the production waste that companies produce making some of our favourite or most used items. Hint: It’s more than you may think! Due to the nature of this workshop there will be no paper handout however there will be one made that can be emailed to you after the workshop.

Chelly is one of ADF’s initiates as well as a person who has always wanted to take care of the earth. Their upbringing taught them to recycle reduce reuse but also to pick up frogs and toads, be interested in the world around them as well as pay attention to the little details of nature. Chelly is a member of both Dancing Lights Grove as well as Whispering Lake Grove.


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