Pre-Registration Extended!

Today was supposed to be the deadline for pre-registration for Three Rivers, but we’ve decided to extend the deadline until the end of this week. That means you have three extra days to pre-register for our first ADF Druidic festival since the start of the pandemic!

You can pre-register for the festival right here.

So why are Pagan Festivals so important? I explore this idea in this video, but basically you can think of a Pagan festival as a way to immerse yourself in your spirituality for days instead of hours. Our workshops and events give you the chance for new experiences, new insight, and new ways to connect your spirit to the world around and beyond you.

At Three Rivers, our workshops include exploring the flora of Thornhaven, learning how to deepen your devotion, how to read runes, how to custom-make your own leather runes and bag, and how to bake bread in a traditional outdoor bread oven!

We’ll also be enjoying nightly bonfires, there will be a Bardic on Saturday night, and the main ritual will involve an experience with the wise Goddess Hecate.

So join us for the Three Rivers ADF Festival on June 9th-12th, 2022! After two years of pandemic isolation, the need to reconnect is more important than ever.

There’s a Bun in the Oven!

We are just three weeks away from our Druid festival, the first one since the pandemic changed all of our lives. We’re putting the final touches on the program and getting the land ready for your arrival.

Speaking of getting things ready, the Thornies are working hard to complete their brand new, outdoor BREAD OVEN! Have you ever made your own bread that gets baked in a wood-fired oven? Now’s your chance! On Saturday, Three Rivers will be hosting a workshop where you will learn how combine, knead, and bake your own loaf of bread in a traditional bread oven.

Check out this video from Thornhaven TV about how the bread oven is coming together.

There’s lots more programming coming together for Three Rivers, so make sure you pre-register for this festival today. Spaces are extremely limited (50 spots available, 10 are already spoken for!), so make sure you take advantage of the pre-registration prices and register before June 1st, 2022.

Pre-register here today!

Workshops 2022

We have so much to look forward to for the 2022 edition of the Three Rivers Festival! If you’ve never been to Thornhaven, we are confident you will love what you find here. And if you’ve ever been to Thornhaven, welcome back!

We’re pulling the program of workshops and presentations together as we speak, but as a sneak peak, here’s what you can expect to discover:

  • Bardic competition
  • Nightly revelry around the bonfire
  • Daily morning Coffee Piety! Long live Caffeina!
  • Main Ritual will invoke the mighty Hecate
  • The Arch Druid, Rev. Jon “Drum” Pagano will be in attendance!
  • Witness the handfasting of Greg and Cath, complete with a live musical performance by Kinnexa Cross
  • Workshops and Presentations include:
    • Discovering the flora of Thornhaven
    • Metals and magic with Helmut’s Forge
    • Make runed leather pieces and leather pouches
    • Runes with Rick Lutes
    • Bake bread in a traditional bread oven
    • Exploring how to decolonize your druidry
    • Exploring how to recognize your own privileges
    • Deepen your spiritual devotion

Registration will open this week! Stay tuned!

Three Rivers Festival 2022

Save the date!

Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the Three Rivers Festival over the last 2 years, but third time is the charm! It’s time for renewal!

This year, the Thornhaven Sacred Centre will be hosting the Three Rivers Festival on June 9th to 12th, 2022. Click here for the Facebook Event.

This year’s theme, of renewal, has many layers. It holds the concept of the cycle, of moving back to the same place, but in a new form. It is about shedding the old, and moving toward the place of beginnings. It’s about tapping into the lessons and energies accumulated in the past to reshape in a new form. And it’s about embracing the end of something, to start fresh.

With the completion last year of the nemeton oaths, it is the end of one cycle, and the start of a new one. With it being the first year at Thornhaven, and with the ordination of a new priest, we will be witness to the beginning of something new, but which draws from the past all the strength, magic, and memory of the last 10 years of Three Rivers Festival.

Bookmark this site for more news and updates about this festival.

The Bright and Shining Ones — 2016 Dates

Three Rivers Festival 2016 will be from June 2-5, 2016. An extra day to spend in the beauty of Raven’s Knoll with friends new and old, honouring the Bright and Shining Gods!

The theme for 2016 is The Bright and Shining Ones, honouring those gods and spirits of the Sky — the Dawn, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Fire. This theme is open to your interpretation. A call for presentations will go out in the new year.

Gifts of the Gods, Skills of the Folk!

Three Rivers Festival is the Canada East Regional Gathering for Ár nDraíocht Féin, and everyone is welcome!
Join us at Raven’s Knoll from June 5-7 for the sixth annual Three Rivers Festival:

Gifts of the Gods, Skills of the Folk

Our theme this year honours Lugh, the Master of All Skills.
Our main ritual will be in his honour, where we will raise a shrine to him.

Share your skills with us, and submit a workshop proposal for this year’s festival!
Hands-on workshops and demonstrations encouraged, as well as workshops relating to Lugh, though all proposals are welcome.
Please submit a description of your proposed workshop and short bio to

Pricing for the festival to be announced shortly.

2014 Festival Admission Rates & Workshop Info

We are pleased to announce our admission rates for the festival this year. Our rates are unchanged from last year, and details can be found on our Registration & Cost page here. There is no per-registration; all registration is done on-site at Raven’s Knoll upon arrival. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

We are also happy to begin to release some of the workshops that will be offered during the weekend. More are in the works, and further details are to come soon! We currently still have a couple open slots remaining, and would love to hear from you if you are interested in presenting a topic at the festival. Information on our workshops can be found here. Schedule details are to be announced.